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How to choose the right wallpaper. What does the marking of wallpaper mean

Choose wallpaper. Marking wallpaper

How to choose the right wallpaper. What does the wallpaper labeling mean Domestic wallpaper is mainly distinguished by the durability of their surface. For this purpose, there is a marking of wallpaper.

If the product is marked with icons B-0, B-1, then in front of you moisture-resistant wallpaper.

The marks B-2, B-3 and B-4 mean washable coatings, and the letter C indicates the resistance of to dry abrasion.

Current manufacturers mainly produce products without a cut edge with a length of 10-10.05 m and a width of 52-53 centimeters. Such wallpapers are marked with the batch (article) and lot number. When buying, carefully select the pieces so that the numbers of the articles and lots match. This ensures that the pattern and color on the rolls you like will "dock" with absolute accuracy.

Pay attention to the icons that mark the imported wallpaper

Marking wallpaper So, the wavy triple line means that they are resistant to wet processing. Even with detergents.
Marking wallpaper The wavy line with the brush depicted under it indicates that the wallpaper can not just be washed, but even rubbed with a brush.
Marking wallpaper The number of solar circles (from one to three) will tell you on which side to use wall coverings solar or shadow.

Other icons on the labels will help you figure out which glue to use, where it is better to apply it (on wallpaper or walls), as well as how to fit the drawing correctly.

Marking wallpaper

The service life of wallpaper can be increased if the humidity of the room and the degree of illumination are taken into account.

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