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How to make a barometer. Homemade barometer made of fir cones

Often the gardener looks at the sky will it rain or not? Should I water it today or not? After all, believing the forecasts given by the weather service is a thankless task.

Therefore, I want to tell you about a very simple device (but reliable enough!) a barometer, which was used with success by our grandfathers.

How to make a barometer with your own hands from a fir cone

Everyone knows that wood, leather and similar organic materials react sensitively to any changes in weather conditions. In humid air, for example, the skin becomes softer, and wood parts increase in volume. As a result, in the rain, the scales of the same pine cone are pressed closer to each other, and in dry weather, on the contrary, they open, which makes the cone become bristly. This behavior of the scales of cones was noticed by our ancestors, realizing that it is quite possible to predict the weather by a bump, that is, to use a bump as a barometer.

It is quite simple to make such a barometer. To make it, you will need two planks (for the base and the rack). The planks are joined on glue, reinforced with small nails (see Fig.). Next, a scale is prepared from thick paper, drawing divisions on it and drawing two simple icons: the sun and a cloud with rain. A large pine cone is attached to the base.

How to make a barometer. Homemade barometer made of fir cones

Then a dry blade of grass with a paper arrow at the end is glued to one of its scales.

Everything. Homemade cone barometer is ready

Set the simplest homemade somewhere outside the window or on the balcony. Be sure, such a bump-barometer will not let you down and will tell the gardener with high accuracy whether it is worth watering roses or strawberries today. Or the rain will do it.

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