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Layout of a one-room apartment

Layout of a one-room apartment In a one-room apartment with a living room with an area of ~ 20 m² it is necessary to create conditions for work, food and night rest. In addition, it is also necessary to equip a rest area and find a place to store various things. And all this should be done so that the room looks attractive. Let's consider three options for a planning solution for a small studio apartment.

Three options for the layout of a studio apartment


Studio apartment is used simultaneously as a living room, dining room, bedroom and study. With such universality, it is necessary to determine which of these functions will be more and which less important. By choosing priorities, you can purchase the appropriate furniture and decide how and where to put it. The figures show the furniture layout options, each of which assumes the priority of at least two functions of the room.

The following are considered as pairs: work and rest with the use of upholstered furniture, rest with the use of upholstered furniture and a night's sleep, work and reception of guests. However, there is no rigid connection between each two functions, if necessary, they can be combined with each other.

Furniture selection

For a small apartment, light wood furniture is best suited. In particular, cabinets designed in light colors look less bulky than dark ones. It is advisable to choose transformable furniture, for example, a dining table or sofa, which can be used as a desk and a bed, respectively.

Storage space

It is better not to put a large wardrobe in the room. You can find a place for it in the hallway, even if it is small. If necessary, you can use the space between the cabinet and the ceiling by building a mezzanine here.

Furniture layout

It is not necessary to put all the pieces of furniture along the wall. In some cases, it is advisable to arrange them so that they separate one functional zone from another. But in any case, the furniture should be arranged so that it does not interfere with the transition from one zone to another and moving around the room as a whole.

Option 1. Night rest in a cozy corner

Night rest in a cozy corner

In this version of the layout, the focus is on the workplace and the area where two or more people stay together.

Opposite the workplace, by the window there is a narrow dining table for two. When guests arrive, it can be rotated 90 and two more folding chairs can be attached to it (they can be stored at the door to the kitchen or in the cabinets in the hallway). Things are stored in closets near the niche that serves as a bedroom.

If desired, a curtain can be hung between the cabinets and the wall, covering the bed located in the niche. The workplace and the cabinets related to it are partially obscured by a door opening into the room, so that the room does not look overloaded.

Option 2. The rack divides the room into functional zones

The rack divides the room into functional zones

People who do occasional writing work at home do not have to equip a separate workplace. In this case, a folding dining table installed by the window will serve as a working table. As a result, a significant amount of space is freed up, which allows you to rationally organize a place for a night's sleep and a cozy corner for relaxation.

Functional zones are separated from each other by a rack half the height of the room, installed at right angles to the wall. This rack, together with another (from the same collection of furniture), located along the wall, forms a kind of fence of the place of rest.

This arrangement of furniture allows you to slightly expand the sleeping area and put the bed perpendicular to the wall. There is a TV on the wall rack, which you can watch from the bed. To do this, it is enough to slightly expand it. And here one high cabinet is completely covered, and the other is partially covered by a door.

Option 3. Guest seats

Guest seats

This layout option is designed for guests. There is room for four people here at any time.

And if the dining table is pushed forward between the high cabinets up to the ceiling, even six or eight people can be placed behind it (and in this case folding chairs can be used).

However, in order to create conditions for the reception of guests, you will have to abandon the bed, which in the two above options is located in a niche.

Here, a comfortable workplace is organized in it, and a sofa bed is used for sleeping.

If you refuse a workplace in a niche, you can put a bed again, and use a sofa bed for guests.

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