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How to properly cut tile, tile cutting

When tiling the walls and floor of the kitchen, bathroom or toilet , it is necessary not only to cut the tile into pieces, but also to make round cutouts for pipes in them, as well as angular and other shaped cuts necessary when fitting tiles to the surfaces to be covered. The simplest are straight cuts (photos 1-7), the more complex are angular and side semicircular (photos 8-13), and the most difficult are cutouts inside tiles (photos 14-19).

How to properly cut tile, tile cutting 1. For cutting tiles in a straight line, a cutting machine is used.
How to cut tile, tile 2. Put a hard alloy wheel in the cutting place on the edge of the tile and pull the cutter handle without interruption to the end tiles, keeping uniform pressure.
How to cut tile, tile 3. The machine is equipped with a kind of anvil to break the tile according to the cut strip. Therefore, as soon as the wheel goes behind the tile, it is enough to press the handle to break the tile.
Fig. 4. How to cut tile, tile 4. The traditional cutting technique is to install the tile on the cut on a pencil and, holding on with both hands, break it.
 Fig. 5. How to cut tile, tile 5. After the cut the edges are ground with an abrasive mesh.
Fig. 6. How to cut tile, tile 6. To break off a thin strip, use pliers.
Fig. 7. How to cut tile, tile 7. Cutting by diagonals are carried out by the machine in the same way as in a straight line.
Fig. 8. How to cut tile, tile 8. The electric jigsaw, equipped with a saw for cutting tile cladding, allows you to cut ordinary earthenware or terracotta tiles.
Fig. 9. How to cut tile, tile 9. Cutting by the arc of solid, especially floor tiles is easier to produce with an angle grinder equipped with a disc on concrete.
Fig. 10. How to cut tile, tile 10. The cut is finished by processing the edge of the tiles with a grinding wheel using an angle grinder.
Fig. 11. How to cut tile, tile 11. Small corner the cutout in the tile is made according to the risk drawn with a carbide cutter.
Fig. 12. How to cut tile, tile 12. The inner part of the removed tile sector is divided by a cutter into small squares.
Fig. 13. How to cut tile, tile 13. Break off small pieces of tile with pliers with curved sponges.
Fig. 14. How to cut tile, tile 14. To make a round hole for the passage of the pipe, the tile is laid flat on a wooden or chipboard stand and a carbide drill bit is slowly and forcefully drilled a small hole on the drawn contour of the hole.
Fig. 15. How to cut tile, tile 15. If they do not use effective, but more expensive special core drills for tiles, then drill a series of holes along the circumference of the pipe.
Fig. 16. How to cut tile, tile 16. In one of the holes, a jigsaw blade called a rope is inserted a steel cable coated with tungsten carbide.
Fig. 17. How to cut tile, tile 17. The canvas is inserted into the jigsaw.
Fig. 18. How to cut tile, tile 18. A jigsaw is used to cut through the lintels between the holes.
Fig. 19. How to cut tile 19. The edges of the resulting round hole are treated with a belt sander with a remote blade.

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