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Ideas for the master

How to make an old lathe with your own hands This ancestor of modern lathes is called alternative from the Latin word alternare alternate. Even today it is quite suitable for simple turning works. A wooden round block is clamped between two stops. One of them is mobile... read more>>>

Homemade universal drilling machine made of photo enlarger On this homemade drilling machine made from a tripod of a photo enlarger and the drive of an old sewing machine, in addition to drilling, it is possible to grind and polish, as well as mill with small disc cutters... read more>>>

How to make a kerosene lamp burn brighter and more economically If you have a kerosene lamp in your house (and many people keep it in case of a power outage), let's use the secrets of Dr. Auer make it burn brighter and more economically. First of all, we will add a special pin to the lamp... read more>>>

Homemade wind turbine for heating a country house The electric energy generated by the rotating windmill from the generator goes directly to the electric heaters, resembling the well-known boilers. They are built into the housing of a thermal accumulator a large insulated tank filled with water. The water is heated continuously while the generator is running: the stronger the wind, the greater the current... read more>>>

Homemade wind farm wind turbine for generating electricity Every family living in rural areas or any summer resident can build a wind turbine to generate electricity, even a small, low-power one. The energy generated by the wind turbine is enough to turn on the pump for watering the garden or garden to light up the house... read more>>>

A homemade camping power plant. How to make a mini generator with your own hands A pocket flashlight has become an item of equipment for every tourist. Yes, that's the trouble you have to save battery energy. But you can take a power plant with you. It weighs almost as much as a spare 4.5 V battery, and it won't take much more space in the backpack. Let's tell you: the electric generator of our power plant is almost any DC microelectromotor, and the energy source is wind... read more>>>

Homemade hydroelectric power station What does a homemade hydroelectric power station on a small river mean compared to a hydroelectric power station? And is it worth building it at all when power poles are stretched along every village street, all over the country? But we must learn to save both in large and small. Save money with the light bulb turned off in time. And save money by adding your own little electric stream to the sea of electricity... read more>>>

Solar-powered heating system Today we will tell you about three heating installations. The first one in terms of its thermal power can replace central heating batteries and even a Russian oven. Almost eight months a year, day and night, she is able to heat the premises of a large house. The round-the-clock operation is explained simply its thermal power is so great... read more>>>

How to make a homemade solar shower or water heater from a car camera I offer my invention for home and country, made by me back in 1981. This is a solar shower, or a water heater, from the chamber of a car or tractor wheel. Compared with a conventional iron water tank exposed to the sun, it has a number of advantages... read more>>>

How to make karaoke. Homemade microphone for karaoke Modern audio and video equipment is often capable of performing the functions of Karaoke. The video player Karaoke, for example, not only reproduces the musical soundtrack of the song through the TV, but also displays the words of the song synchronously on the screen with a running line. So anyone who wants to become a star can sing a song... read more>>>

Homemade chandelier made from waste plastic pipe or plastic bottles German thrift is well-known! Here is a vivid example of this. After the overhaul of the sewer system, a certain Mr. Straubel had pieces of plastic pipes. Throwing away such valuables was not in the habits of Mr. Straubel, so he built a cozy, cute homemade chandelier from pipe scraps... read more>>>

How to make a smoker yourself. Homemade smoker for cold smoking products at home Before proceeding to the description of a homemade smokehouse for cold smoking products at home, I want to remind you that there are quite a lot of ways and types of food processing by smoking. The main method of smoking is smoke, but there is also a smokeless method of smoking in special smoking liquids... read more>>>

Free method of cold smoking products at home. Cold-smoked fish technology I did not smoke meat, but smoked fish and lard. Actually, the smoking of all these products is the same, but the preparation of meat and bacon for smoking is a whole art that I do not own. But I bought smoked bacon with a meat layer from a real master, and it was so delicious and beautiful that it is impossible to describe... read more>>>

Making decorative candles technology and methodology Beautiful candles can be bought in the store, but... Personally, I have been making decorative candles using a simple technology for several years especially for the New Year on my own... read more>>>

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