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Repair and construction

About log cabins. How to build a log cabin. Construction of a log house with your own hands The construction of wooden houses and outbuildings, as they say, without nails in Russia has been known since time immemorial. Due to the valuable building qualities of wood (low volume weight and relatively high strength), wooden structures are still widely used in house construction... read more>>>

Garden, vegetable garden, manor

How to prepare a garden plot and a country house for winter The gardening season is ending. It remains for a small matter to prepare the plot and the country house for winter, so that in the spring without extra effort and expense to get back to work... reed more>>>

Decorative and applied art

Modeling of clay. How to sculpt a clay bowl Before you start modeling, you need to clearly determine what type of bowl you want to make. The bottom of the clay bowl can be thick, massive, flat or rounded. To the clay bowl turned out to have a stable support, you need to make a round base and leave clay for the rim... read more>>>

Ideas for the master

Ideas for the master-1

How to make an old lathe with your own hands This ancestor of modern lathes is called alternative from the Latin word alternare alternate. Even today it is quite suitable for simple turning works. A wooden round block is clamped between two stops. One of them is mobile... read more>>>

Homemade universal drilling machine made of photo enlarger On this homemade drilling machine made from a tripod of a photo enlarger and the drive of an old sewing machine, in addition to drilling, it is possible to grind and polish, as well as mill with small disc cutters... read more>>>

Ideas for the master-2

About a wood lathe. The construction of a homemade wood lathe Its main parts are a drive with a leading center, as well as a driven center mounted on the tailstock. The purpose of the driving center is to transfer the rotation from the motor shaft to the workpiece... read more>>>

A barometer from a fir cone. How to make a barometer Often the gardener looks at the sky will it rain or not? Should I water it today or not? After all, believing the forecasts given by the weather service is a thankless task. Therefore, I want to tell you about a very simple device (but reliable enough!) a barometer, which was used with success by our grandfathers... read more>>>

Furniture with your own hands

How to make a kitchen corner with your own hands. Homemade corner sofa Corner sofas have always been and remain a popular piece of furniture, not only in a private house or apartment, but also in public places (you can make sure of this by looking into any cafe or restaurant)... read more>>>

Various: ideas, tips, techniques

Technology for extracting gold and silver from electrical and radio components. Free method of extraction of precious metals at home Once in my youth I had to live near a radio factory, in the landfill of which radio components could be collected with a scoop, which we did. Many dragged them to the flea market and sold them to radio amateurs, and I, under the influence of my neighbor, who was chemical everything, got carried away with the extraction of precious metals from some parts... read more>>>

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