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Ideas to the master. Homemade. Do it yourself

About a wood lathe. The construction of a homemade wood lathe Its main parts are a drive with a leading center, as well as a driven center mounted on the tailstock. The purpose of the driving center is to transfer the rotation from the motor shaft to the workpiece... read more>>>

Homemade electric drill wood lathe. How to make a lathe with your own hands So, let's consider the design of the simplest lathe based on a household electric drill. As a frame, we will select a smooth dry board with a thickness of 20...30 mm. We will fix a drill at one end of it. At the same time, we recall that the distance from the plane of the board to the center of the drill chuck determines the maximum diameter of the workpiece to be processed... read more>>>

A barometer from a fir cone. How to make a barometer Often the gardener looks at the sky will it rain or not? Should I water it today or not? After all, believing the forecasts given by the weather service is a thankless task. Therefore, I want to tell you about a very simple device (but reliable enough!) a barometer, which was used with success by our grandfathers... read more>>>

Homemade original set of kitchen cutting boards The puzzling question of what to give inevitably arises upon receiving an invitation to a housewarming, birthday or wedding. And the kitchen set-panel will surely appeal to the most demanding hostess, and the owner too. Cutting boards by their configuration themselves suggest which board should be taken for cutting a particular product. It is not so difficult to make such a headset... read more>>>

Making a home hand mill with an electric motor. Homemade mill with your own hands I can share my experience of making a home mill (however, the idea of the mill was submitted by a friend, and I modified it to a sample). For the mill, I found a faulty electric motor (with a capacity of about 300...1000 watts). The engine was disassembled first... read more>>>

How to make a spray gun. Homemade miniature spray gun Decided to share with you the design of his miniature spray gun. It is easy to make such a spray gun literally in one or two evenings. First of all, you will need a medical syringe with a long needle, from which we carefully grind off the tip and carefully remove the chamfers. Then at the metal rod from the ballpoint pen... read more>>>

Spray soldering. How to solder the wiring to the carbon electrode (brush) of the electric motor of a drill, vacuum cleaner or washing machine The soldering method is simple. I will not dwell on how to make a new brush. To begin with, the end of the wiring should be covered with tin (tinned) and inserted into the hole in the brush, and so that the wiring covers only part of the hole in the brush electrode... read more>>>

A homemade sheet bending machine is a device for bending sheet metal. Leaf bending with your own hands In the practice of home-made workers, the leaf bending is still a rare device. But this tool is very useful, as it allows even an unskilled master to perform high-quality work related to flexible sheet metal. It is possible to bend the workpiece using a sheet bending at a given angle and ensure flatness and absence of deformations in the bent part of the sheet without problems... read more>>>

Homemade pipe threading machine. Thread cutting device The simplest device that eliminates these difficulties and allows threading without any effort at all along the pipe and even without chamfering on the pipe is shown in the figure. The actual die is fixed in a die holder with two handles. There are screws in the die holder housing that fix the die in it... read more>>>

Homemade wood cutters. How to make a wood cutter with your own hands We have repeatedly invited Alexander Alexandrovich Korneev, a manufacturer of high-quality wood cutters, to share his experience with everyone who wants to learn this craft. And now, from the distant Khabarovsk Territory, we received the long-awaited material that we offer to our readers... read more>>>

Homemade lever tools: nutcracker pliers, nail tongs, tweezers (pincer grip) Simple lever tools are always useful in the household, and everyone can do them (both adults and schoolchildren). All tools consist of two lever handles connected by a tin plate, which is attached to each handle with two screws. Handles are made of hardwood (beech, oak, ash, etc.), a tin plate is cut out of a tin can... read more>>>

Homemade wood lathe with electric motor. A lathe with your own hands I want to offer readers a more convenient construction of a wood lathe. The machine frame here is made of two slats (1000x50x30 mm). I note that the dimensions in the text are all approximate. Slats should have right angles, and their faces are treated with a jointer... read more>>>

Plexiglass crafts The simplest plexiglass crafts are flat products: silhouette figures, rulers, protractors, squares, patterns, paper cutting knives, cutting boards, etc. Cutting boards are especially good for their hygiene and original appearance... read more>>>

Modification of a manual circular saw. Table-attachment for manual circular saw Everyone who purchased a manual circular saw had the opportunity to make sure that, having a lot of advantages over a stationary saw (lightness, high specific power, lower cost, etc.), this tool also has a number of disadvantages the small size of the table... read more>>>

Homemade flashlights. How to make a flashlight from a medical syringe Let's make a flashlight. I will offer two designs: one of them is inspired by childhood, when lanterns were in short supply, but all the guys wanted to climb attics and basements; the other is a modern figment of my imagination and hands... read more>>>

How to make an electric stove with your own hands homemade electric stove Such an electric stove with power adjustment is easy to make with your own hands. It is necessary to purchase only a tubular burner made of two heating elements with a tube diameter of 10 mm (Fig. 1). The adjustment of the power of the burner (247, 450, 550 and 1000 watts) is carried out without a multi-position switch (the most expensive part of the electric stove) using three conventional sockets and an electric jumper (Fig. 2). Electrical outlets are mounted on the body of the electric stove or installed separately (in the form of a block)... read more>>>

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